Cleneast Air, Soil and Water in the world!?

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Cleneast Air, Soil and Water in the world!?
« on: 22/07/2014 22:01:52 »
What part of this planet has the most pristine soil air and water (not counting Antarctica).   

I one day want to move to the cleanest place in the world and grow my own food and set up my own self sufficient lifestyle
I have come into a large amount of money that allows me to do this and I have not been able to get any clear answers.


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Re: Cleneast Air, Soil and Water in the world!?
« Reply #1 on: 29/07/2014 16:45:32 »
There are many places still where the hand of man has not interfered. However, airborne pollution gets pretty much everywhere to some extent.
There are parts of the Amazon and Borneo where man has never set foot, these might be described as the most pristine areas. The problem is, they are often pretty much inaccessible. Dense jungle, deep ravines rugged mountains and treacherous rivers have so far protected them from invasion by man. These places may also harbour dangerous predators as well as a host of poisonous, venomous and disease carrying animals.
Just one other point, if you found your ideal 'untouched by human hand' place, you would contaminate it.
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