Car WHeels?

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Car WHeels?
« on: 04/09/2006 22:48:48 »
Hi im new to this and not sure if its in the right section, ive been a busy poster today.. but anyhoo here goes..

In the film AI the wheels on the cars,, i dont see it as too much of a problem, well at least i think it is possible to do and not too science fiction. I dont ahve a very scientific mind buy i am technical with computers and telecoms.

These wheels well balls aparently look as if they have the car sitting on top of them, now if under the cars wheel arches there is a magnet opposing the wheels magnetic force then that would mean really that the car is hovering in air.
Now would it be possible with a bit of computer wizardry and technical knowhow with science be able to direct the magnettic current to drive the wheels in which ever way you want?
Imagine parking,.. how easy would that be, just rollin easy..
there would be less moving parts, in fact no axels or gears...
To accelerate just add more power to the magnetic force and to stop, the computer would apply current in the opposite way.

I have a vivid imagination, so vivid in fact i can imagine things that i cant put to paper (or computer) but hopefully from the above you may get what im looking at?