Can I become a super human?

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Can I become a super human?
« on: 23/09/2014 05:30:01 »
Bojan Grujic asked the Naked Scientists:
For some time now i got kinda addicted to all the myths and mysteries About how people's DNA can be mixed and you could get superhuman body or something.. What i want to know is if it's possible for a human to become anything other then a normal human. It might sound a bit weird but i like drinking blood not sure what that makes me but for a few months now I've been drinking blood. human blood and a bit of animals and the weird thing is nothing is happening to me and i like drinking blood it tastes good now unlike when i started.. But my main question is is it possible to make something more then a human with all kind of other DNA's mixed or blood mixing and well if anyone has an answer it's you Scientists i guess so i'd really love to know more about it and i'd love to do some Experiments if it's possible or needed since i got bored of a normal human life and i'd love to see if I or Anyone else can become more then a Human.

What do you think?
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Re: Can I become a super human?
« Reply #1 on: 27/10/2014 21:37:01 »
I dont believe that is possible to stay a "super human" with changing DNA because I believe peoples are not able to "upgrade" humans DNA and I doubt if will be possible for 1000 years or more..
DNA is alfabet , with humans DNA you can write over 1025000 pages, and we even did not crack one word...
When we do that we will only know the messages what are written in us , I believe messages from God, because if we take a Bible there writes that God"s write in our heart , and I believe not only there :)
Anyway, when we crack code, and when we see how it works, we need a find place "to upgrade" from other animals DNA(I believe that is not possible , but I am talking only in theory)" and then you would stay a "super human", I believe that is impossible..
Anyway, there is one great thing. You can stay "super human" because your brain can learn everything , but of course you will not learn it in 1 second..


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Re: Can I become a super human?
« Reply #2 on: 27/10/2014 23:34:48 »
Unlikely that drinking blood will turn you into a super anything, but a strong possibility of contracting kuru from human blood, so best avoided if you don't want to turn into a dribbling idiot. However black pudding (pigs' blood) is delicious. It sustains superb physical and intellectual specimens like me, but you need to be born magnificent in the first place - it won't mess with your DNA. So choose your parents wisely.
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