Hello from new member....

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Hello from new member....
« on: 17/11/2014 21:16:39 »
After morning discussion with Smartest  Anesthetist in my World (California) , wanted to find more on bone growth  related to "piezoelectric crystal" effect.
Found this place!! TOO awesome! Joined...and uber-high IQ helped naught when it took me 4 tries to get the Captcha correct ... darn bunnies & train.....and shouldn't I be able to do this FASTER????
Lesson probably related to "slow down & do it right" ..... no, probably not. LOL
Hi all...looks fascinating.
I like trains.  [8)]
Bunnies not so much.


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Re: Hello from new member....
« Reply #1 on: 17/11/2014 23:10:21 »
Welcome, and please give us a hint about the piezoelectric effect in bone growth! I'm familiar with bone mineralisation depending on stress, but I would have thought the conductive environment of the body would disperse any piezoelectric charge. But then there are electric eels....   
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Re: Hello from new member....
« Reply #2 on: 18/11/2014 00:39:43 »
the only thing I can find at the moment is this paper from 1970 ...

Quote from: Andrew A. Marino
Piezoelectric Effect and Growth Control in Bone

THE adaptability of bone under impressed mechanical forces has been known since the time of Wolff.
A possible control mechanism for the process became apparent with the discovery of the piezoelectric effect in bone. In theory this effect could translate an environmental stimulus into a biologically recognizable signal controlling growth or resorptive processes ...

The hypothesis may have been overturned since then.

Update : "piezoelectric" currently repeated in wikipedia , which refers to a 1987 book ...

Quote from: wikipedia.org
[bone] Repair

Repeated stress, such as weight-bearing exercise or bone healing, results in the bone thickening at the points of maximum stress (Wolff's law). It has been hypothesized that this is a result of bone's piezoelectric properties, which cause bone to generate small electrical potentials under stress
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