How does food affect your perception?

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How does food affect your perception?
« on: 17/09/2006 02:45:32 »
What you eat directs how you feel.

Veggies = serotonin

Protein = Dopamine

Hops, passionflower, valarian and etc. = Benzodiazepines

Caffein, tobacco = Adrenaliine

Thus, how are we supposed to feel?

Native americans with peyote, people back in the day with cannabis, columbians with their coca and etc, how do people know how life is?

Life seems to be open to interpretation based on diet, for all these things can effect how we experience the passing of time, colors, sound and etc.

Lastly, fasting--not eating, effects the way we feel and experience life.

Thus, what is life meant to be?
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