Will curing cancer lead to immortality and immunological disease cures?

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It seems body mechanisms inducing abnormal cell growth act in opposition to mechanisms inducing abnormal cell death.  People with brain cell damaging Alzheimer's have less incidence of cancer and vice versa.  A build up of Farnesyl compounds and progerin cause early cell death, and it seems to me to be part of the mechanism used by the body to rid us of cells with damaged DNA.   That these mechanisms are active indicates DNA damage has occurred or that the body has perceived biomimetic chemical signals making the body think the damage has occurred.  This body response is nominally to clear the damaged cells and allow for DNA repair.  If we correct Alzheimer's do we leave us open to increased cancer rates?  If we stop cancer will we stop Alzheimers and stop the expressions of proteins which tend to shorten telomeres, letting us live longer lives? If we had only undamaged DNA copies, theoretically we could artificially increase our telomeres indefinitely.