Why a feather and an apple fall down at the same rate inside vacuum chamber

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Several experiments on gravity have been performed in vacuum chambers on earth, re- subjects such as
apple and feather experiment , feather and ball bearing experiment, etc.. all experiments
affirmed/confirmed that all stated subjects fall down at the same rate, therefore gravity is not what
Newton described as “attraction”, because light or heavy objects, re-feather, apple, bearing, FALL AT
THE SAME RATE inside vacuum chamber . The experiments showed no difference of rate of falls of
light or heavy objects, THEREFORE. AS ALL SUBJECTS FALL DOWN AT THE SAME RATE inside the vacuum chamber, GRAVITY IS NOT DUE TO ATTRACTION GRAVITY OF EARTH.. Is that conclusion correct? It is not! Here is the explanation: Earth has ultra weak gravity, has giant size in outer space, has inherent transcending gravitational field that reaches far out to outer space. On the other hand, the apple, feather, ball bearing have no gravitational field, thus, inside the created vacuum chamber , the stated subjects, which have, nevertheless, inherent all-encompassing positive and negative property, but no gravitational field, cannot reach out from their shells. On the other hand, the attraction gravitational field of earth completely encompasses all the vacuum chamber, is operating!!, pulls downward all stated subjects at the same rate, the pulling downward is equally and blindly to all stated subjects, and because there is no air inside the vacuum chamber to hinder the fall, all subjects fall down at the same rate, the direction is toward the interior center of earth. The created vacuum in vacuum chamber is like vacuum of the moon. Astronaut David Scott dropped a feather and a hammer, and both dropped at the same rate because there is no atmosphere at the moon to hinder the fall. Now, finally, in vacuum outer space, it is observed conclusively  a satellite, astronauts and repair equipments outside said satellite, all, re- satellite, astronauts, equipments, move at the same velocity because there is no atmosphere in frictionless outer space to hinder the motion. But, in case of imitated created vacuum in vacuum experiments on earth, there is the transcending attraction gravitational field of earth that is infinitely present, operating, inside and outside said vacuum chamber, hence, such transcending attraction gravity, emanating from source, earth, pulls all stated subjects downward at the same rate toward the interior center of earth, and in case of vacuum experiment in moon , the fall of feather and hammer at same rate is toward the interior center of moon.. The fact that anywhere on earth the vacuum experiments are performed, all subjects inside are pulled downward toward center of earth, no repulsion, implicates decisively that attraction gravity of earth is real, re- unlike-bind property of the all-encompassing, inherent law of opposite. The strongest evidence how attraction gravity performs in vacuum is the tug-of-war between earth and the moon in outer space resulting in the  lifting of billion tons sea water on earth.

(taken from copyrighted article “Why gravity of earth is all attraction toward earth, no repulsion (jsa more clarity).

Jose S. Aldea
December 2, 2014.

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If that came from an article then that article is horribly written. The reason why all objects fall at the same rate is because the force on a body is proportional to the mass of the body and the resistance to acceleration is also proportional to that force. The mass cancels out to yield an equation of motion which is independent of the mass of the body. E.g.

G = Gravitational constant
M = Mass of Earth
m = mass of either the apple/feather

Newton's Law of Gravitation: F = force on m due to Earth = GMm/r2

Newton's Law of Motion: F = dp/dt = ma = mass x acceleration of apple/feather

Equating these two expressions we obtain

GMm/r2 = ma

The m cancels out to give

a = GM/r2

This says that the acceleration of the object, be it an apple or a feather, is independent of the mass of the object.