Distillation Equipment Set Up/ Questions

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Distillation Equipment Set Up/ Questions
« on: 19/01/2015 01:49:52 »
Good Evening.

I am new to the forum. I am going to be starting my own at home distillation experiments.  I have the basic distillation equipment coming into the mail. I have a few questions regarding basic distillation.

1) How do you suck liquid down slowly and filter it through paper?

2) What would be an ideal at home "cool place" to store distilled liquid where it can form crystals. Would a freezer be a good choice?

3) In regards to the condenser. I will be using a Graham condenser. The hose will be connected to my kitchen sink faucet. Does the water from the faucet have to be a cooler temperature than norm, in order for the condenser to cool the liquid dripping into the flask? For example is just letting the kitcken sink run slowly on cold water ok?

If any one can help me answer these questions, I would greatly appreciate it. I will add on more questions as I go through the actual practice of using my disillation equipment.

Thank you for the time.
- Banffe