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« on: 25/09/2006 00:08:32 »
this says it all:

"It is a very, very difficult environment out there," he said. "I mean, honestly, we're not in the treatment, cure or mitigation business. We're in the [business of] improvement of quality of life through better nutrition.
"We think we've found an incredible complex that makes a big difference in the quality of life of people struggling for any kind of adequate existence. And it is difficult. It is difficult."

these are the words of Mannatech's CEO (see newbielink: [nonactive])

read them VERY CAREFULLY. note that he refers to his 'good works' as a BUSINESS. not only that, but he is oh-so-cautious about not making any claim that his product actually heals any conditions. these are meaningless generalisations.

i'd like to reiterate my appreciation for LoweDuane's honest, clear-headed arguments, which aren't in the least rude, whatever Mannatech's marketeers on this site want you to believe.

also, let me say again that anyone who uses religion and quotes the Bible in order to market a product is committing a sacreligious, not to mention morally repugnant act. if you're a believing Christian (which thankfully i am not), you'll doubtless spend a fair time in purgatory for your promotion of such acts. how can you possibly feel good about selling overpriced, dubious medicines to desperate, vulnerable people? it's appalling.

think about it.


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« Reply #1 on: 04/10/2006 03:39:45 »
As a man going to be a Catholic priest I can assure you that puratory was made up to scare people into giving more money to the church. There is no such place. If you don,t make the grade then the only other place is........well you know and it is not eternal. Again made up to scare people, there is only one eternal life for the good guys, Christain or other wise!

Any way Jesus had the same problem, He would say something and it would  come true and the religious people would attack Him when it took place. So Dr. McAnally(Mannatech) says that taking glycos you will improve your health and the doctors are mad because what he says comes true.

The pharmacecutical trys and make Ambrotose and it cost 15 millon dollars for a bottle. Mannatech sell it for 150.00 bucks a bottle.

Dr. Ben Carson(a CNN top ten doctor in USA) was a pediatric oncologist at Johns Hopkins University when he came down with cancer. He tried Mannatech products and not only regained his health by the supplements but is now speaking out to doctors how important it is.

Dr. Rollins who worked for the USA patient office has said that of all the products in the health field in the last few years to have come out Mannatech is the most remarkable of them all.

Dr. Omechuck, a brain and flight surgeon, had a aneurism that left him in a wheel chair for 12 years, in constant pain. He tried Ambrotose  and is now back working.

The chief astronault and doctor of the USA space program(Nasa) has  gone public saying how great Mannatechs products are.

So my follow Naked Scientist you see their is several other prominent people that think Mannatech and Sam Caster is right.

Your servant, Doc