Bostjan's new theory about the apatosaurus.

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Bostjan's new theory about the apatosaurus.
« on: 26/09/2006 03:10:38 »
This is bostjan's theory, property of bostjan, because bostjan came up with it all on his own, so no one else can claim this theory as his/her/their own, without firm proof that they came up with the theory on his/her/their own before bostjan discovered the theory, and without the use of any sort of time machine or time-travel device:

The apatosaurus theory, by bostjan- property of bostjan, limited, not to be used or sited without expressed written permission of bostjan and no one else, goes as follows: the apatosaurus was a dinosaur that was very small at one end, extremely thick in the middle, then very small again at the other end.  Thanks.  [:o)]