Hiddeen Reality of Religion

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Hiddeen Reality of Religion
« on: 26/09/2006 11:56:25 »
Psycology of religion

Now religion is the prime factor to build the nationality in the world. People from same religion become more friendly then other. World become narrow and narrow by the means of commutation but human nature could not spear its mind. It creates narrow wall of realign, cast, nationality and colour. Obviously these walls were made by ruler to pretend their throne and power.

It is vain to fight for the unknown destination of the religion and so-called religious facts. Why there are different facts, if we have to reach same destination. Although through different way. Is not it our foolishness? So letís be practical and take as a just belief for religion.

If the god is really exist, how god will be happy without brotherhood, mutual understanding and cooperation. Even religious people take the life of other creature to become god happy. How god will be happy by taking otherís life. There are different literature and books written about the related religions eg Gita for Hinduism, Bible for Christianise, kuran for Islam and tripitak for Buddhism. Who wrote these literatures?

I belief that. The religious literatures were written according to the present situation, aspect and socio-economic aspect. The literature should be containing the socio-economic factor. But now we are in 21st centaury. So how we should flow the past concept of religion. Now we need to steep forward with new vision of future.

No matter, all the people are same by birth. Only culture, schooling environment and society teach him differently. Even in the 21st century religion have been using for politics. Innocent people were ruled by clever politician, ruler and so called king and so on with crown/throne. Is this right? If not, who should be start to change the wrong path?

Thanking you for your kind attention and welcome to reply your views, comments too.

M. R. Chapagain
Kathmandu, Nepal
Now in South Zealand Business College/HSSYD, Denmark
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Mukti Ram/M. R. Chapagain
Kathmandu, Nepal
Now in South Zealand Business College/HSSYD, Denmark


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Re: Hiddeen Reality of Religion
« Reply #1 on: 29/09/2006 02:31:45 »
religion, like race, economic level, and sex, are all differences that have been exaggerated by leaders to keep the people fighting eachother, so they dont unite and take the power into their own hands.

by the way this post doesnt belong really anywhre on this forum.