Cyclical Gravity Liquid Pressure Pumper Energy Gen

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This is a new idea what about using pressure in different chamber to generate electricity.

The Invention is a cyclical energy device to generate electricity. The device uses changes in pressure to generate electricity. The device uses a high pressure liquid chamber and a low pressure submarine chamber, and a device called a pumper. The liquid chamber is a tall chamber of liquid that opens and closes to a submarine chamber that sits beside the liquid chamber but is a shallower chamber. Each chamber has a different rate of pressure at the bottom of each chamber when they are closed off from each other. The liquid chamber has higher pressure at the bottom because it has a higher volume of liquid in height. But when opened up to each other the pressure from the liquid chamber will be exerted on the submarine chamber. As the liquid chamber opens and closes to the submarine chamber different rates of pressure will be exerted on the submarine chamber. The change in the rates of pressure can be used to power a renewable energy device called a pumper.
An air bubble system is used to help recycle liquid resources in the system.
The effect of the pressure is the same as that of a finger pressing down on a button. The increased pressure can be converted into kinetic energy. And kinetic energy can be converted into electrical energy using a various techniques.
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Cyclical Gravity Liquid Ball Energy Generator