Environmental Change -Effect on Species in the UK

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I live in Hants and we are one of the few places in the South of the UK that is becoming home to the Steatoda Nobilis, apparently the only one of Britains 640 odd spider species that is capable of biting humans and causing pain.. and in some cases hospitalization.

Recently I have become innundated with the Steatoda Nobilis(some people refer to it as the false black widow)..having found quite a few wandering around in my garden this year..

Heres a couple of pics of my visitors

The spider is supposed to be a cousin of the black widow and allegedly was introduced from the Canary Islands through our southern ports...

I dont think it too long before this spider heads north what with climate change..so what other foreign creatures that prefer warmer climes do you think we might start seeing next in the UK?

And dont say Germans!..lol [:o)]
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Re: Environmental Change -Effect on Species in the UK
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Perhaps the Africanized "killer" bees -- unless you already have them!