8 Steps To Perfect Sleep

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8 Steps To Perfect Sleep
« on: 24/10/2006 19:07:34 »
Hi guys,

Here the tips for insomnia sufferer.

Know what is normal
>>Knowing what constitues normal sleep can save you a lot of work and worry.
Trying to correct a situation that is not correctable can lead to great frustration and the development of
sleep hygiene.

Look for medical sleep disorders
>>The importance of determining if a medical sleep disorder exists cannot be overemphasized.
No matter how good your sleeping pills you take.

Look for medical or mental disorders
>>Insomnia is a symptom, not a diagnosis. Look to see if a medical or mental condition exists, treating
that condition usually treats the insomnia as well.

Find out about your medication and side effect
>>Many over the counter and prescription medication can affect our sleep by making us drowsy or keeping us alert. It is always wise to ask your doctor
about the potential side effect of any medication you take.

Keep track of your entire sleep wake cycle
>>keeping a sleep diary can bring the picure of sleep hygiene into focus.

Look at your life pattern
>>How you work, live, and play affects how you will sleep at night. Looking at your life pattern
can provide insights into a sleep problem.

Learn to use natural soporific agents
>>Many thihgs in life can make us sleepy naturally and holistically. Exercise and aerobic sex during the day are excellent sleep promoting activities.
Certain foods can promote sleep. It is important not go to bed hungry and what you eat can help or hurt your night's sleep.

Know how to monitor your progress.
>>One of the best ways to monitor progress in overcoming a sleep problem is to continue keeping a sleep diary.

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Re: 8 Steps To Perfect Sleep
« Reply #1 on: 09/11/2006 12:47:31 »
Other things that will help is no coffee or tea in the evening, or if you must, have  decaf instead.

Buy two bottles from aromatherapy product supplier, Chamomile and Lavender. You can either burn them in an oilburner with water before bed, you can sprinkle few drops on pillowcase or tissue, works a treat!

For those who believe in chrystal vibrations you can pop an amethyst under your pillow, that too will help.

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Re: 8 Steps To Perfect Sleep
« Reply #2 on: 10/11/2006 02:07:16 »
Have both Chamomile and Lavender...have burned it...refreshing...but no sleep occurs...drats
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Re: 8 Steps To Perfect Sleep
« Reply #3 on: 10/11/2006 05:30:44 »
 Ditto! Even tried it in my pillows smells nice relaxing but NO CIGAR!

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