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« on: 26/10/2006 14:34:19 »
At my university, it is strongly emphasised that one must include references to avoid plagiarism. Not doing so will result in expultion from the university. However, in a lecture, the lecturer had created a slide show, containing various images, yet these were not referenced. Is there some kind of exemption stating that images used for lectures need not be referenced, a failure on the part of the lecturer to include a reference, or am I just being silly?
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Re: Reference/acknowledgments
« Reply #1 on: 26/10/2006 16:28:57 »
TECHNICALLY, if you use images from other sources in a presentation there should be a citation at the bottom of the slide.  The should also (once again TECHNICALLY) be refferences for all content at the end of the presentation.  however, these rules (especially teh one for content) are much more forgivably overlooked than citations in papers and the like.  seems unfair, i know.  but when you have to put together a lecture every day of knowledge that seems pretty basic to you, you'll understand.
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