~ Conservation of African Elephants ~

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~ Conservation of African Elephants ~
« on: 30/10/2006 01:57:20 »

I'm doing a school project on the conservation of African wildlife, and I have to find out measures on protecting the elephants.

For this project, I have to find out what are the currents measures impost on these animals, the fines/bans etc. I also have to brainstorm for new measures to stop the killing of these endangered animals.

Thank you for your kind help.  [:)]



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Re: ~ Conservation of African Elephants ~
« Reply #1 on: 30/10/2006 03:07:19 »
Maybe you had better first find out if the elephant is an endangered species, as well as if there might be good reasons to actually kill them.

Ofcourse, what you may find is that while they are endangered in one location, they are not endangered in another.
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