Kissing butt?

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Kissing butt?
« on: 25/04/2015 16:27:46 »
Since Mathew and JP disappeared from this site it seems it's going downward. Don't know why? You're introducing bullying and gang behavior, which I, as I said before, find distasteful? Furthermore you don't seem to know the physics I present :) No big deal for me, but the former is. ah well, have fun following the decline.
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Re: Kissing butt?
« Reply #1 on: 25/04/2015 18:39:45 »
People in forum gangs don't always recognise that they are in one, so it might be worth letting them know how you feel through PMs. We all need to try to be fair to everyone, but it's difficult to keep track of how we actually come across while at the same time letting our rival ideas do battle with each other. I find such messages useful and welcome them.


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Re: Kissing butt?
« Reply #2 on: 25/04/2015 23:10:02 »
i will be kissing a nice butt in a heart beat.

where is it?