What is the universal grand unified theory?

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What is the universal grand unified theory?
« on: 13/08/2015 03:07:27 »
As its name suggests, the universal grand unified theory is a theory to completely unify all phenomenon in the universe and their movements and changes. Specifically, it is a theory to unify all phenomena in the universe with a basic mode (structural mode, operational mode, generation mode and evolution mode).
The basic mode of universal grand unification covers: 1) the structural mode, operational mode, generation mode and evolution mode of galaxies, living beings, society, man-made worlds in the universe; 2) Conversion between different lives, i.e. conversion between galaxy life, living being, society and man-made worlds.
According to this mode, the universal grand unification includes: 1) unification of cognitive science; 2) unification of time & space [9]; 3) unification of physics and biology [1]; 4) unification of the cosmos (galaxies, living beings, society, man-made worlds) and unification of all forces in the universe[7]; 5) unification of religion and science; 6) unification of two scientific systems from the East and the West[6]; 7) structure of science and unification of the science; 8) unification of all human knowledge.
The unification of four major forces [10] by physicists do not conform with the requirements of the universal grand unification theory.

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