How could we improve the "design" of a human?

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How could we improve the "design" of a human?
« on: 16/09/2015 22:50:02 »
Paul asked the Naked Scientists:
How efficient have humans been designed and how could we improve on the design? Have you ever been leaning over a car engine and wishing that your elbow could twist in a different direction? The thought comes to mind of having the flexibility of an elephant trunk, but the muscle system in a snake might be more useful. However if you are trying to undo a nut with a spanner you still need movement and strength in the right directions. Elephants dont have a problem ripping foliage off trees but they are not trying to get around small confined corners.
I look forward to the day when you can push a USB into your brain before going on a holiday to Greece (They need the tourist Euros) and immediately you can start spouting Greek,assuming included in the USB is an app to present the correct form of the verb, or sentence order, etc. I am impressed by interpreters who can interpret on the spot, especially between two languages where word order is different, e.g Hindi and English, or German and Chinese.
I suppose I could tolerate texting by thought but only in the sending mode. I wouldn't want my mind to be inundated by incoming messages as i am trying to drive a car. Imagine how many more robotic surgery mistakes there would be if the "driver" is being distracted by his wife asking what he wants for tea tonight.

What do you think?
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