How do I become a computational and quantitative biologist?

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After two years of Biology i switched to Computer Science and i wish to gain the necessary skills to become a "computational biologist/neuroscientist"

(Here we don't have the "major/minor" system, we can choose one subject and, at least, 2 "external" exams)

The problems are:
 1) math level (just algebra, probability, integrals and some differential equations) vector, real and complex analysis
2) no physics (!) just one optional and little general exam.

Maybe it's the wrong degree for someone interested in simulation, system biology and computational biology. Better move to PHYSICS? (Physics Bs and Ms have mandatory courses like C, numerical analysis, computational physics. There is a specific Ms in Biophysics and one could integrate with some CS courses)

In our CompSci Bs we have an AI exam and the possibility to obtain a degree thesis in AI applied to biomedical problems...but i think that is far from enough to approach this field
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I would go on-line to the web site of some institution such as a research hospital that does this kind of work, and look through the job postings related to this field.  Look at what their requirements are.  Then go see where you can take such courses. You may have to move from your present educational institution if it does not offer the right courses.