Matangini Project - ethical Xmas presents galore!

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Hello all

You may or may not remember that I appeared on the Naked Scientists earlier this year to talk about the link between parasites and allergy. Whilst I was on air, Chris Smith kindly let me put in a plug to a charitable venture called the Matangini Project. To refresh your memory, I'll just tell you that the Matangini Project has been developed to raise money for community projects in East Africa. All the profit that we make from selling various gift-items goes directly to a specified project in a specific location. There are no administrative overheads because the whole enterprise is embedded within the normal workings of my research group. Thus, if I were to tell you now that we are raising money for a borehole and water pump at Mbweetwani school in Makueni District, Kenya, and you made a donation, that is exactly where your money would go.

If you agree that this is a good idea to raise money efficiently for community-led projects, then please visit and see if you fancy any of the goods on offer. We are currently selling the following:

'The Wonderful World of Joseph McCrumble' - a 284 page book based on the blog of Dr Joseph McCrumble, scientist-artist extraordinaire. Dr McCrumble is the world's first celebrity parasitologist, thrust into the limelight when a TV reality programme in the Papua New Guinea Jungle goes horribly wrong. The book spans the first 10 months of 2006, when Dr McCrumble's life takes on an increasingly turbulent ride. Genre: humour/satire

Calendars - high quality calendars printed on card. Twelve photos from East Africa in full colour. Large and small sizes available

Mousemats - high quality photo-mousemats. Several designs available

Jigsaws - 50 piece jigsaws ideal for young children, featuring several different photos from Africa and Europe

Coasters - high quality coasters using photos from Africa and Europe

Thanks for your support!


Mark Booth