About sexual life..Oral sex. Is it harmful or useful for a health of a woman?

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I want to ask a question about sexual life..
Oral sex. Is it harmful or useful for a health of a woman?
What is your opinion?


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There are many websites that proclaim than semen is very healthy for women who ingest it....

...I suspect they are all written by men too. I'm not sure !!....I know we have discussed this a few times here before. I gather that there are nutrients and stuff which may be beneficial but I suspect the whole thing is a chauvinistic ruse !!...after all, if it's so good for you then shouldn't us blokes consume it too ????

If both parties are healthy and hygienic then there is no harm in oral sex whatsoever.
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Good Job Sir I wasn't touching that one! But welcome To the site anyway!

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