pyramids not as difficult to build compared to what they think happened!!!!!!!!!

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This applies to Stonehenge,coral castle and all the pyramids and mega/monoliths the world over

pyramids were built with ground down limestone cement and binding agents. was water used-maybe.start off with a block on each corner in a 4 sided mould.then add a mould to that block using 1 of its straight sides to join the next block onto it. no secrecy here and coral castle could've been done the same way.theres quarrying and theres lifting 20 tonnes and using 20000 workers/loada tosh force fed to us,or overthinking stuff to much

question is-why make them.
1.pumping water,heating and storage as well as electricity production be the highest building creating a feel of the most power
3.the purpose of aligning with the stars is still odd?