Dr. Hans Nieper

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Dr. Hans Nieper
« on: 30/01/2004 20:56:28 »
In Memory of Dr. Hans Nieper

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Re: Dr. Hans Nieper
« Reply #1 on: 31/01/2004 14:53:27 »
Dr. Nieper was a maverick, and way ahead of his time.  I am reminded of the story of Dr. Semmelweiss, who was an obstetrician at a period in time when women would sew their death shrouds when they became pregnant, because so many of them died of infection after delivery.  Dr. Semmelweiss always washed his hands before delivering his patients, and less of them got infected.  He suggested to his fellow doctors that perhaps there were organisms on your hands, too small to be seen, that caused infection and recommended that they all wash their hands before attending to deliveries.  His fellow physicians ridiculed him so much, that the poor guy went insane and died in a mental hospital.  It's hard for those with that much genius.