The Diabetes Escape Plan Book

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The Diabetes Escape Plan Book
« on: 19/11/2015 11:12:32 »
This group collectively contains the nutrient carbohydrates, this is very important as they contain energy. We need energy to do a variety of activities including sleeping. Be aware that attention should be drawn to the consumption of wholegrain/whole-wheat based foods. Studies have demonstrated that foods containing these can help to reduce the bad cholesterol levels in our bodies, and help with bowel movement, which can help towards reducing the chances of colon cancer. It is recommend by the World Health Organisation that 20mg of fibre should be consumed daily. Examples of wholegrain/whole-wheat based items include pasta, rice, rye bread, and sweet potatoes.

Fruit and vegetables
This group collectively contain a mixture of vitamins and minerals, which we need to make sure our bodies work properly, and to prevent illnesses. Examples include the fruit blueberries, which contain vitamin A, which is needed for vision in dim light. Vitamin C is needed for improved immune function, and helps to absorb iron, which can be found in oranges, peppers, including broccoli.


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Re: The Diabetes Escape Plan Book
« Reply #1 on: 19/11/2015 11:38:27 »
... 20mg of fibre should be consumed daily...

There's 100x that amount of fibre in one slice of wholemeal bread,
 ( I think you mean 20g , not "20mg").

There are two main types of diabetes : "type-1" is treated with exogenous insulin , "type-1" cannot be managed by diet alone , ( or the dietary "supplements" you are about to try to sell us ).
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