Dear Planet....sorry we messed you up !!

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Dear Planet....sorry we messed you up !!
« on: 28/01/2007 05:21:17 »
Dear Planet,

Sorry we messed you up big time !!...hope you can forgive us.

Sending woo hugs and shmishes Planet and wishes you better !

Hugs the planet........ahhhhh......ickle wickle planet needs a diaper change cos it's plumbing is all messed up !!...we been feeding it the wrong stuff the last couple of hundred years !!....anyone know how to change a planets diaper ?

Peeps, please feel free to add your good wishes and hugs for the planet here too !!
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Dear Planet....sorry we messed you up !!
« Reply #1 on: 28/01/2007 09:42:46 »
Many hugs and kisses to our oh so wonderful planet.. Wishing it peace and good vibrations.. Hoping that perhaps it reverses its decline with all the well wishes and hugs!!!
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