What is Quantum Entanglement ?

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What is Quantum Entanglement ?
« on: 03/12/2015 05:21:44 »
What is meant by spooky action at a distance , very briefly.??


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Re: What is Quantum Entanglement ?
« Reply #1 on: 27/02/2016 10:46:09 »
Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon whereby quantum states such as spin or polarization of particles at different locations cannot be described independently.

In short, spacetime in the universe is generated by quantum entanglement on a atomic scale.

Source: http://phys.org/news/2015-05-spacetime-built-quantum-entanglement.html#jCp
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Re: What is Quantum Entanglement ?
« Reply #2 on: 01/03/2016 09:48:27 »
As an example - create two particles in such a way that we know one must have spin up and the other spin down. We do not know which is which until we measure them. However, if we measure one of them we know the spin of the other.
Quantum entanglement says that the two particles are 'entangled' and the spin is not determined - and is considered to be both up and down. If you observe one of the particles it immediately takes on one state. Entanglement says that the other particle immediately takes on the other state. So, observing one has had an effect on the other, regardless of how far apart they are. Hence 'Spooky action at a distance.'