weather control!

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weather control!
« on: 09/02/2007 09:21:40 »
can anyone help with my memory?

I ,think I, remember reading about ways in which we can control certain aspects of the weather. for instance.

In the old soviet union they never wanted it to rain on the may day parades, so they would sent Nimrod type aircraft up to search for approaching rain clouds. if any were found they would dump vast quantities of sand on them.

In France sometime in the 80s they managed to neutralise a thunder storm by sending a rocket in to the storm with a copper lead trainling from the rear of the rocket to the ground.

and that you can make it rain by dispursing crystals on to the cloud, possibly magnesium!

now did i just dream these or are they fact, any answers would help solve a long running argument i am engaged in.



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weather control!
« Reply #1 on: 09/02/2007 20:24:44 »
I think potassium iodide crystals can be dispered to induce rain, but the results are not commercially succesful and you won't get guaranteed results by services that can do this.

There has been a lot of B.S. shoved around about low frequency HARP signals  affecting the weather. Personally I don't think man made interferences can make much dent on the weather.

Praying for rain might help. If that doesn't work try cursing God instead, and don't be surprised if you get hit by a thunderbolt!