How do contraceptive pills affect the ovaries?

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How do contraceptive pills affect the ovaries?
« on: 18/01/2016 22:50:02 »
Jessica asked the Naked Scientists:
   Women take large doses of Oestrogen every day. What is the effect of oestrogen contraceptive pills on the ovaries?

Helen Simpson spoke about males taking anabolic steroids:
If you take anabolic steroids, they mimic testosterone. The pituitary and hypothalamus stop sending signals to the testes, as they don't need to produce testosterone.  Pituitary & hypothalamus go to sleep, the testes shrink, and if you take them for enough years, the glands go to sleep permanently.

From my research, we only have something like 1.8 g of oestrogen in our bodies, yet women are taking 30 g of oestrogen daily.
What do you think?
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