What is the impact of untreated sewage in the ocean?

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"kmatshuisa asked the Naked Scientists:
   Yesterday Carte Blanche (DSTV show) reported on a serious environmental issue in Cape Town.

It reported that 55 million litres of untreated sewage waste gets pumped into the Table Bay ocean everyday.

What will the environmental impact of this be on the ocean & the animals?.

What do you think?
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Re: What is the impact of untreated sewage in the ocean?
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This is in addition to the existing megatons of whale poo and shark sh1t that have been there for the last several million years. A local concentration of human sewage will alter the balance of higher life forms a bit, bit the result is unlikely to be a disaster.

I am particularly partial to lobsters from Belfast, Maine. They are exceptionally huge, fat and tasty. Why? Because there used to be a chicken processing factory that threw all the guts and feet into the bay!
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