What is behind my recurring liver infection?

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What is behind my recurring liver infection?
« on: 05/02/2016 20:50:02 »
Anonymous asked the Naked Scientists:
   Good day

Since 2013 I constantly get sick and after doing several blood test they all come back with the same results (infection on the liver). I would take antibiotics through the drip when I am in hospital and oral ones out of hospital at treatment, then I would be fine for 2 to 3 months then get sick again with the same diagnosis. I have done a CT scan, HIV tests, Sonar, sugar diabetic tests but they all come back negative except the liver infection.

The symptoms are a fever, my temperature suddenly rises but I wam cold at the same time. My muscles contract and my body aches so bad. Then the headaches and fatigue.

Please help me my doctors don't know what to do anymore.
What causes this liver infection?

What do you think?
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