Could gravity be a differential between attraction and repulsion?

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Debbie  asked the Naked Scientists:
   Hi Chris,  I'm not a qualified scientist, but am really interested in science.
Could gravity be just the difference between the attractive force of a spinning body and the repulsive centrifugal force of the particles spinning around it i.e. could all spinning bodies have an entity at the centre pulling particles towards it and when anything spins around it, the centrifugal force of those particles repels them from the central entity hence creating the differential we call gravity?  Debbie Figg  

What do you think?
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For a start something does not have to be spinning to produce the effect we call gravity.   
The only requirement is that something exists and has a temperature above 0 K (0 Kelvin). 
What that boils down to is that Gravity is the result of matter moving in space.  That is all that is required. 
Now QM would like to explain everything within the theory encompassing particles and fields. 
General relativity tells us that Gravity is not a fundamental force, but just an effect of the interaction of particles and fields with spacetime. 
The important difference between these two differing points of view is that extra ingredient. QM only acknowledges particles and fields. Both of these are one part of the equation that makes an animate Universe. 
GR balances the particle and field side with spacetime on the other side.   
That is why GR makes accurate predictions that stand the test of time and advancing technology.   
It is not GR that gives contradictions but the uncertain explanation of anything by the theory that only looks at one side of what it takes to make a Universe. 
There is no attractive force that corresponds to Gravity. 
Matter does not attract matter. 
It is all a consequence of matter's interaction with spacetime. Or spacetime's interaction with matter. The two are equivalent.
We are made of Spacetime; with a sprinkling of Stardust.
Matter tells Spacetime how to Flow; Spacetime tells matter where to go