Are reflexes impaired by alcohol?

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Are reflexes impaired by alcohol?
« on: 17/03/2016 08:47:46 »
I saw a newspaper clipping from 1912 on the Facebook page "Nostalgic Syracuse", which, as the name implies, is a celebration of all things old from my hometown in upstate New York...

The story is about a dead body of a young man who was discovered in the cellerway of the saloon his father owned. I have a personal interest in the story because it hits close to home. Johnny O'Day, the dead person everyone is crowding around in the photo op is my great-great uncle. To this day people say he was murdered, but the most likely culprit, I think, was alcohol. Usually one survives a short fall like that due to one's reflexes, but he was probably so inebriated that the reflexes that would have saved his life were disabled. Any thoughts and/or inference? Are reflexes almost wholly disabled when one is inebriated??
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Re: Are reflexes impaired by alcohol?
« Reply #1 on: 17/03/2016 18:49:25 »
Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. It potentiates the action of the inhibitory nerve transmitter GABA. At sufficiently high doses this leads to unconsciousness. So yes, reflexes are impaired by alcohol, because they will be less accurate, less rapid and less successful in achieving their intended aim.
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