The entire planet is ''stupid''

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The entire planet is ''stupid''
« on: 31/03/2016 14:59:14 »
This is not a theory it is a fact, the entire planet is ''stupid'', educated to be stupid and naive.   The true facts are ignored, there is only so much that can go on inside a relative ''box'', it is not that hard to understand what  is going on inside the ''box''.

Peoples imagination run wild, ignoring the absolute truth that is based and can only be based on our limitations.   

Space is an n-dimensional space, this space is negative, denser negatives than space are attracted to denser negatives than space, positives stop the total pressured destruction by being repulsive, squish and stretch, all the forces are neutral waves in space and transparent to detection.

You are all quite mad.

X0 + Y0 + Z0 = t0

X1 + Y1 + Z1 = t1

(X1 + Y1 + Z1 = t1 ) - r = X0 + Y0 + Z0 = t0

(X1 + Y1 + Z1 = t1 ) +rē = Xi + Yi + Zi = ti



1←i→1  = 0←i→0

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