Dark Matter / Energy Solved , Universe Expanding Solved

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Here is my theory and i'm sticking to it ;-)

So if a black hole can capture light mass etc etc
Lets assume it can only grow to a certain size;
Above that certain size it has a safety valve
And ejects all unwanted stuff as Dark Matter/ Dark Energy
This is released faster than the speed of light to escape  Black hole
This Dark matter pushes apart galaxies so Universe expands
If Black holes consume a lot of stuff one week more goes out the safety valve to maintain its size
And universe expand faster that week than maybe last week
Why can't we detect Dark Matter
Because its going faster than the speed of light

That's it Problem solved ??

Please send Nobel Prize


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Re: Dark Matter / Energy Solved , Universe Expanding Solved
« Reply #1 on: 07/04/2016 16:56:39 »
That's a good thought but there are problems with this idea, 1 you are using your own made up laws... 2 why would dark matter be ejected... 3 Dark energy expands the universe not dark matter.

Blackholes can expand to any size, they only "spit" matter out when too much it falling in at once, that matter is converted in to energy beams so matter isn't released anyway.
these energy beams are sent away at the speed of light at the poles of the blackhole. The matter turned into energy beams never crossed the event horizon (the point of no return)

We can't detect dark matter because it doesn't emit or absorb EM radiation but does cause fluctuations within the gravitational field that's how we know it exists.
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