Is the electron eV levels known for electrons in glass material

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Is the electron eV levels known for electrons in glass material, or what is the eV energy levels in glass.?
So in glass, transparent liquids, and plastics is the eV for the electron known to science.
The eV levels for electrons in gases are known like in hydrogen, and helium, but are they known for glass, and transparent liquids, and plastics.
Or is it just too discernable to get.
I am grateful for your help anything helps even a few words. [:D]
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Speaking generally, something like what you describe is probably possible. However, the availability of energy states for electrons is not dependent only upon what radiation may be present, but also upon the crystallography of the material. Black carbon, which is graphite, is of a different configuration than diamond. For this reason, the two materials do not have identical energy levels available. It would be highly doubtful that one could convert graphite into diamond by simply irradiating it.