When do Magnetic Pole Reversal Occurs?

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When do Magnetic Pole Reversal Occurs?
« on: 15/04/2016 02:39:32 »
Scientist have various theories on when reversal occurs.  We know from history that past advanced civilizations have disappeared from the face of the Earth and we can't figure out what happened, but there seems to be some connection between the Photon Belt and the disappearance and changes to the planet.  I will post a video where it is stated when reversal occurs and that one is imminent, but I don't think is correct how often they occur and when.  The reversal are possible where there is an increased in energy bombarding the planet, the most intense energy can only be registered during our pass through the Photon Belt every 12,500 years of the 26,000 cycle around the sun Alcyone.  Therefore the last Magnetic Reversal occurred 12,500 years ago based on our entrance to the photon belt out of the 26,000 cycle, which is ended as well in this millennium, which I suspect is going to happen, which I agree with the video I will be posting.  Another thing that I suspect also exacerbate the situations is human activity and the destruction human causes on the planet.  During a reversal, destruction is more than possible on areas of the planet, which is also an indication of what happened to past advanced civilizations; either they were evacuated or died as a result of destruction.  If the records are discovered about the last Magnetic Reversal, I will say I'm not far off.   Here it is: