CONE COIL Experiment

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CONE COIL Experiment
« on: 25/04/2016 10:00:16 »
Tsup, The EmDrive is something NASA has proven that it works. Even though it should not. Such a propulsion works against the Newton's Law of Momentum, so the "real" scientist get very mad when somebody claims his invention works. The Idea is to use such a propulsion in a spaceship that for instance would take us to MARS, but instead of using the rocket fuel, which would be risky, expensive and ineffective, we'd use electricity to propell. Such a device would guarantee, that the spaceship will move with the same acceleration or deceleration all of the time. If this would be 1G - the acceleration of Earth's gravity, we'd not only have the artifficial gravity in the spaceship, but also the travel to Mars would not take 8-9 months, but 2-3 days. The problem with the Mars mission is that the moon missions were risky and expensive and the Mars missions are a lot more risky and expensive - they're practically so risky and expensive - we do not know whether we'd be able to take alive people back from Mars, and the greatest costs and risk on this are corelated with the rocket propulsions we as humanity now poses as our best sollution. If there was some another sollution, that would use electricity and would not be a jet propulsion, like all the propulsions that we know, but instead it would be an inertial propulsion, the spaceship might be a great one, taking lots of people and equipment and making a Mars mission once again a first step to something bigger... like Andromeda or something... When the Moon missions were launched lots of people saw perspectives in space. They became brave scientists, just because as young kids they used to watch space missions in tv and used to dream at that time. That Moon missions gave us a great kick forwards and now's the time for: NEW PERSPECTIVES FOR HUMAN EFFORTS We can't do that with something we already have, like rocket propulsion, but a technological revolution will surely give us a kick higher enough to open new perspectives. Come on. We need some technological revolution, because the world that is slowly evolving right now in the direction we all know is rather raising a stink, than becoming something better and in this situation we are going to have more and more problems with it. EmDrive does work - that's what NASA has proven. But I have something else that also works and a lot more effective. It's a CONE COIL with some DC current. Instead of making a COIL on a CYLINDER, I have made it a COIL that is a CONE. I made a movie about it - and if YOu're not convinced whether it works or not, because the effect is barely visible, in about a week I'll be making a video about a bigger example of a CONE COIL. Here's a movie: