I Have a theory about dark matter, can someone give me feedback on it?

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Brent Poynton asked the Naked Scientists:
   I have a theory that I want to present to the world.  It explains what dark matter is and also explains the measurement problem in quantum mechanics.  I know other people are working on something in the general area of what I'm talking about.  But I feel that I have a fresh perspective on the issue.

I don't know how to go about publishing or anything like that so I need some direction.  I would also like to speak with someone who can give me some feedback on the theory itself without having my ideas stolen.

If you can help me, please do.

Thank you

Brent Poynton
What do you think?
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Publish. If there's any merit in it, the reviewers will say so.

If you like, publish it here, but also write yourself a sealed letter. The postmark will confirm priority of invention as long as you don't open the envelope!
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