Was Einstein's interpretation of the M/M experiment correct?

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People have argued over the Michelson/Moorley experiment since the beginning. Einstein had one interpretation and various electrical physicists have had another.  Was Einstein correct? Were the others correct? Was the experiment valid?
   The problem is that neither were correct. The experiment was invalid. A light wave from the sun does not flow continuously from the sun to the Earth. In addition there are no little photons flowing our way. Photons are the interaction between a spherical light wave and matter.
  The gravitational wave from the sun jumps from one spot to another. The speed of light is the jump speed which is constant. The spherical light wave jumps in little steps just as the gravitational wave as explained in my "The Gravitational Wave and the Dot-wave Theory" book.
   For each jump the spherical wave reformulates itself according to the gravitational field. When it is at the sun, the density of the gravitational wave is very high and the photons that are produced will reflect that. As the wave encounters particles the photons are produced by as soon as the wave reaches free space, the photons will return to a spherical wave and will be invisible. Then as the wave reaches our atmosphere, the wave interacts with our particles and you get a combination of photons and spherical wave.
   When the spherical wave reached the gravitational balance point from sun to earth, the wave no longer travels upon the suns gravitational field but reformulates itself upon the Earths gravitational field.
   The net result is that the light wave and the associated photons are now traveling upon the Earths gravitation field. It does not matter whether the earth is moving toward or away from the sun because the photons are referenced to the Earth. Therefore the experiment was no better that looking at a lamp on the table next to the instrument.
   Sadly Einstein's special relativity was based upon this experiment and the experiment was quite invalid. Any thoughts?