Can photons interact with electrons in materials but still pass through?

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This is a new question, although similar to the rest I have posted.
Are there any electromagnetic waves that traverse solid matter, while the photons also get absorbed by electrons. Is there a slight absortion?
.... by some of the photons, when they hit the electrons in the atom, as they pass through say a solid piece of matter.
So with all the waves in the electromagnetic spectrum, that traverse solid matter only,
I just want to know if it is a complete transmission of the electro magnetic waves through the matter, and not even a single photon gets absorbed at all.
Also I think I have heard that if the frequency increases the wavelength, or photons of em waves changes is this correct.
Could this make photons of any em waves that traverse solid matter only, get absorbed by electrons while they are inside the block of matter.
So imagine the waves go into the block, and are half way through the block, the frequency changes to the highest intense range possible while in the block of matter, could the waves change to waves that get absorbed by electrons in the atoms.
I am grateful for your help, anything helps, even a few words.
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I believe the phenomenon you have described is called "fluorescence".