Autisium MY THEORY

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Autisium MY THEORY
« on: 09/05/2016 12:50:01 »
Ian Ward  asked the Naked Scientists:
   Dr Chris, I listen to your program on cows milk on Friday, 29 April with great interest.
I noted at the end that you invited listeners to write to you.
I have my own theory on what I consider may be causing  autism.
If you have time to consider listening to what I have to say please return this email with your answer.
I have dry macular degeneration so that is the reason any voice text may be misspelt etc.
Looking forward to your response, yours faithfully Ian WARD.
PS.I have had trouble trying to find the cows milk program that was  on Friday, 29 April.
Do you have a program teaching another's how to search on the iPad for programs that have been aired on the radio.
Thanking you in anticipation yours faithfully Ian

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