The dimensions,form,age and size of the Universe is equal to any number.

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The visual content of the Universe is relative to measurement, the invisible content of the Universe such as ''empty'' space is unquantifiable.

If we take a look at any  vector expanding away from our observation point to a 0 point source, that does not correspond to a point source and the present definition of a length [tex]\rightharpoon\atop{ab}[/tex] , we can define that X= [tex]\rightharpoon\atop{an}[/tex] where n is an unquantifiable quantity.


This concluding the dimension's, form, age and size of the Universe is equal to any number.

We can clearly see below in the diagram that the age of the Universe is not an age and relative to the speed the light travels from [tex]\rightharpoon\atop{ab}[/tex].


This concluding that space is not expanding and it is fact that ''matter'' is moving away relative to us into more space.

The big bang suggests from a singular point the Universe expanded and begun, there is no evidence that suggests this, it would be rather stupid of us to not consider where along the ''time line'' of ''expansion'' did they start to ''expand'' from.
Nothing suggests from a single point, it is quite possible the ''expanding'' galaxies started expanding from a position on the ''time line'' of let's say 5 billion light years .


Clearly the ''expansion'' we observe is of a matter of entropy and +E being of an expansion nature compared to the contraction of -E nature.
This can be observed with gases and metals.
All bodies affect all bodies, ''ebb and flow'' of the Universe is +E=+ve  and -E=-ve

All galaxies are super massive black holes, all particles are black holes, black holes affect black holes.

E=4/3 pi r < 4/3 pi r

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