why is mars red where did the iron oxide come from

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I think that the moon forming impactor may have come close enough to mars to have a strong gradational effect the small planet causing a large bulge to form on one side . As the planets pass this effect would get stronger and form a massive volcano .that would erupt part of its liquid metal core onto its surface and into space . This could explain the iron oxide . also it could explain the iron found on the moon if the impactor were trailed by some of this matter . as the new moon passes through this matter as it orbits the earth . Would also explain why mars has a weak magnetic field . Also where the water went  . Although i think there would be a lot of water under the surface . Also could explain the asteroid belt if there were a small planet and the impactor passed close enough fore its gravity to pull the small planet apart . All this gravitational tugging would explain how the impactor could hit at just the right angle .   
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