Why the Noether's theorem could be false

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Why the Noether's theorem could be false
« on: 16/06/2016 10:18:03 »
I suppose I'm right about my theory about the gravity:

1/ Gravitation don't exist: it is an electromagnetism repulsive force follows by an electromagnetic attraction, the sum is not 0 and the frequency is high, the attraction is higher than the repulsion if the systems can synchronized them. The force of attraction is very, very high like the force of repulsion but the frequency is high and we don't feel nothing
2/ The kinetics energy don't exist, it is the modification of the potential energy stored in the electrostatic matter, like a capacitor when the distance between plates are increasing. When the velocity increases, the shape of capacitors changes so the potential energy too. Maybe it's an electromagnetism energy stored like a magnet or electromagnet
3/ Mass don't exist (I know it's difficult to read)
4/ Relativity is the time for the system for make its full round, like the clock of a microprocessor, but when you move in straight direction at 'c' you need more and more time to make a turn because the speed limit is 'c'. And all the characteristics of each particle is function of this rotation, like a quartz for a microprocessor.
5/ The Dark Matter don't exist because the mass can change, it's the amplitude of the signal
6/ Inertial mass = Gravitationnal mass because it's the same thing: the shape of the capacitor
7/ The formula of gravitation is like the formula of electrostatic and it's logical
8/ Galaxies can repulse themselves because the gravitation is the cosinus of the phase angle

This theory needs to create the energy to create the electromagnetism field but the Noether's theorem says it's not possible.

With my theory the kinetic energy is a potential energy (charge of a capacitor or something like a magnet). But the Noether's theorem have the hypothesis the potential energy is conserved, so if kinetic energy is a potential energy, the theorem says: if kinetic energy is conserved then the kinetic energy is conserved. It is like to say, if the horse is white then the horse is white.

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