Was reading about MASER, is this another way to MOVE electrons to higher shells

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... without the absortion, and emission process to move electrons to higher shell levels.
So electricity, or another source can be pumped into a chamber to make electron move from the ground state to a higher shell level, without the absorption, and emission process moving electrons to higher shell levels from the ground state.
If there is a way to move electrons to different shell levels, without the absorption, and emission process, that means you could change a electrons energy level, by moving the electron to a higher shell, so that when that electron is in that shell level it does not excite visible light.
So basically transmission could occur, which could make some objects more translucent.
Where I read it was in this article below.

"Basically, a man-made MASER is a device that sets up a series of atoms or molecules, and excites them to generate the chain reaction, or amplification, of photons. Metastable emission states make MASERs and LASERs possible.
To get the proper wavelengths to generate the chain reaction, first electricity or another energy source is "pumped" into a chamber filled with particular atoms or molecules.
Then this "pumping" radiation causes the transition of atoms from the ground state to a high energy excited state higher than that referred to in the above paragraphs."
I am grateful for your help, anything helps even a few words. [:D]
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