Are DeBroglie waves and David Bohms pilotwaves waves in the Higgsfield?

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Bernt Grannas asked the Naked Scientists:
   New theory
"I think that the De Broogle matterwaves and David Bohms pilotwaves are waves in the Higgsfield and it is the Higgsfield that tells the matterpartickles how they have to move in gravitationfields and in the two gaps exoeriment. (electrons get their mass behind the gaps according to the interferens in Higgswaves)

For exampel in QED calculations and in the two gaps experiment it is not the elektrons that are taking all the ways (roads)(pats) , it are only waves in the Higgsfield that take all the ways (pats).

That means that Niels Bohrs komplementaritets princip that a patickel is bouth a partickel and a wave at the same time is not needed any longer. Higgs field givs elektrons their mass and , waves in the Higgsfield tell them how to moove.

  At the same we can notice that we dont need Einsteins 4:th room-time dimension any longer , because it is only a mathematical construktion. The real physicaly reality are waves and structures  in the Higgs field"


Bernt Grannas
What do you think?
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Re: A new theory of the Higgsfields
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The Higgs field has a non zero equilibrium value. As visualised with the 'mexican hat' potential. Oscillations in the field will indicate the presence of a Higgs Boson. These waves cannot be any form of pilot wave for other particles since the lifetime of the Higgs is of the order of 10-22 seconds.
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