If you put electricity, magnetism, super heat, super cold in a mass the size of

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Sorry to moderators this is the shortest I can make this question in the subject line to make sense at all.
Its a large question, can't think of a way to shorten it, to make sense.
...a star how would it effect space, and time.

Speed stretches time to slow it down, something in the atom, like quarks creates gravity, when put together in something as large as a moon.
How would super cool temperature, magnetism, electricity, and super heat effect time, and space, if they were put into a mass as large as a supergiant star.

Like at the hadron collider, when they smash gold particles together, the temperature is 7.2 million degrees Fahrenheit.

Thats hotter than supernova explosion.

If this 7.2 million degree heat was in a large mass like in a star, would it have a effect on space, and time, to cause a slowing of time possibly, or not at all.

I am grateful for your help, anything helps even a few words.


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The temperature of a newly formed neutron star is much higher than that