Why does spicy food make some people sweat?

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Why does spicy food make some people sweat?
« on: 25/08/2016 09:53:02 »
Mavro  asked the Naked Scientists:
   Why does spicy food make some people sweat? I understand from an earlier podcast that spicy "heat" is not a flavor, but rather pain, and that's why we experience this "heat" during both ingestion & egestion, while not experiencing the other culinary sensations on the way out ( thank goodness!). But if spicy = pain is the whole story,  wouldn't you expect stubbing ones toe to induce sweating in individuals who exhibits that sweaty responce to spicy foods? I'm a fan a spicy food and foe of stubbed toes, but I don't noticeably sweat in either instance; I do know people who love spicy foods but sweat buckets upon consumption, to the point where I can't imagine someone sweating that much over a solid ding.
What do you think?
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Re: Why does spicy food make some people sweat?
« Reply #1 on: 01/09/2016 01:24:49 »
Quote from: Macro
Why does spicy food make some people sweat?

TRPV1 ion channels mediate the response to heat and capsaicin. Interindividual variables between TRPV1 activity is most likely the reason. People who frequently eat spicy foods experience chronic TRPV1 channel-activation in peripheral sensory nerves.

This eventually leads to TRPV1-desensitization.... whereas someone who doesn't eat spicy foods as frequently will experience the full intensity of TRPV1-activation. There may be a genetic component as well.