How do you make Colored Smoke Bomb?

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How do you make Colored Smoke Bomb?
« on: 30/08/2016 06:12:23 »
https:// youtu. be / URgSKWgml9U

Step by step guide how you can make your own colored smoke bomb using potassium chlorate, lactose and mix of powdered dyes Synthetic Indigo and Auramine O.

Here the full list of ingredients you may need to make your colored bomb:
Some tube or other form to fill with smoke mix.
Cardboard, glue and scissors to make plugs.
Electric tape to squeeze well your mix.
Potassium chlorate - 35%
Lactose - 20%
Special powdered dye which can sublime like Synthetic Indigo (blue smoke), Auramine O (yellow smoke), Rhodamine B (pink color), Sudan I (orange color). Please note that you can use mix of different dyes to get more colors so if you mix Synthetic Indigo and Auramine O you can get some kind of green smoke like in the video above.
Fuse to activate your smoke bomb.

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